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Piano Lesson

Pricing & Details   

  Service Area    

I am pleased to serve families in the greater Lynchburg, Virginia area. I believe people naturally learn better in a familiar environment, so it is my pleasure to teach you or your child, on your own instrument, in your own home.


Weekday Lessons Between 8am - 3pm:


30 minutes - $126.50 per month

Saturday Lessons (8am - 6pm) & Weekday Lessons Between 3pm - 6pm:


30 minutes - $154 per month

** Prices for longer lessons are available upon request.

**Discounts are available for same family (or same neighborhood!) back-to-back lessons.

**Additional discounts are also available for families who sign prepaid 6-month lesson contracts.

  Calendar Availability    

Duly Noted schedules lessons via email.  Email us now at to schedule your free first lesson. When you're pleased with your experience, we will find a time slot that conveniences you. 

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